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Gallaudet Univeristy
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Female Dormitory

Residence Hall B (RHB) is the dormitory for female students, and is a three-story building with six wings. Each room accommodates two to four students, depending on its size. Each wing has a community bathroom and a lobby with computers, a TV, and a microwave. Each floor and wing is supervised by assigned residential educators, to ensure the overall safety and care of our students and to promote their overall social, physical, intellectual, communicative and emotional development.

Residence Education Manager
Jennie Sivak

Residence Educators
Holly Bullard
Joan Day
Lauren Huseby
Baranda Johnson
Erin Land
Rachel Parker
Ursula Schultz

Residential Night Assistants
Darrell Pfaff, Supervisor
Ena Harrison
Lori Hower
Patricia McKenzie
Maria Montes

First floor main staff office - (202) 250-2368 VP
Jennie Sivak - (866) 533-1994 VP