Research Support

The purpose of RSIA's Research Support division is to enhance Gallaudet's intellectual climate through enriching scholarly opportunities on Gallaudet's campus and beyond. Research Support's efforts pertain to Gallaudet's Research Priorities, including:

For more than 40 years, research at Gallaudet was coordinated by the Gallaudet Research Institute (GRI), which was responsible for research supporting Gallaudet's mission to pursue projects related to improving life for deaf and hard of hearing people. GRI was internationally recognized for its important contributions and for supporting the research activities within and outside of the Gallaudet community. The GRI was replaced in 2013 by the Research Support component of Gallaudet's Office of Research Support and International Affairs, which perpetuates the legacy created by the GRI. Research at Gallaudet spans numerous disciplines: demographics, education, health and medicine, language development/acquisition, language planning, and much more. GRI took a pivotal role in informing government agencies, health organizations, educational institutions, and intellectually curious individuals around the world about the knowledge it has contributed. Today, faculty and staff are leading research efforts through their work in Gallaudet's dedicated research centers and academic departments.

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