Submission Information

ARA submissions are due by September 11 annually. To accurately present the University's collective achievements for the prior fiscal year, it is essential that you report your contributions during that time.

Achievements" include:

  • Your research project activity
  • Your scholarly and creative products that are not associated with your research, such as publications, presentations, powerpoint slides, etc.

Please do not report your works if they are incomplete, in progress, or ongoing efforts. For example:

  • Papers and books in draft form or that have been submitted but not yet published. These should be reported in the year of publication.
  • Internal reports, program documents, or curriculum proposals or revisions.
  • Grant proposals and received grants. (These will be reported in either the Development Office or Office of Sponsored Programs sections of the report.)

Guidelines for Submitting to the ARA Online

1. Updating Research Projects

You can make changes to ongoing projects that were reported to the ARA in previous fiscal years, or that were completed in the current fiscal year (October 1 - September 30), by following these steps:

  • Access your research project under your name and department through the Office of Research Support and International Affairs' database of Gallaudet research.
  • Review the descriptions (abstracts) of your research project that appeared in the ARA for the prior fiscal year.
  • Make sure you update every project, and take into consideration information such as:
    • Was the study ongoing in the current fiscal year?
    • Are there changes to the end date (for ongoing studies), project description, investigators, etc.?
    • Are there any publications or presentations related to the project that you want to report for the current year? (List the citations in American Psychological Association format)

If you do not update the information, the old entry will be reprinted "as is" (or removed if the end date has passed). (Updated Research Form)

2. New Research Projects

Create new project descriptions (abstracts) for research projects that began between October 1 and September 30 of the current fiscal year. If you do not create a new description, the project/study will not appear in the upcoming ARA publication. (New Research Project form)

3. New Scholarly and Creative Activities, Production Only

Report any new publication, presentation, workshop, dissertation, film, theatrical production, or other scholarly activity completed between October 1 and September 30 of the current fiscal year that is not associated with a project that you are submitting.

Research products can only be entered once. In cases where more than one person worked on a research project, it is essential that only one of these individuals report the project in order to prevent duplicate reports. Please determine among yourselves who will enter the project for publication in the ARA. (Scholarly and Creative Activity form)

If you reuse products that have already been reported, or report products that have not yet been published, the product will not appear in the upcoming ARA.