Gallaudet University Research Expo 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Office of the Provost and the Academic Affairs deans hosted the second Gallaudet University Research Expo on Thursday, March 30 in the University Field House and Elstad Auditorium. The theme of the 2017 Expo was Collaborative Research Between Faculty and Students.

The 2017 Expo continued the tradition of the kick-off event in 2016 by recognizing accomplishments in research by Gallaudet undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty and staff members, as well as promoting dialogue about and recognition of the indispensable roles research and scholarship play at the University and in the Deaf community.

All Expos feature stimulating discussions, selected brief research presentations, and poster sessions. The event was open to the public and attendance was free.


  • Year 1 (2016): Empirical research that enhances "deaf lives."
  • Year 2 (2017): Collaborative research between faculty and students.
  • Year 3: The value of multidisciplinary research.

TARGET GOAL FOR EXPO 2017: Collaborative research between faculty and students

EXPO 2017 highlighted the value of faculty involvement with student researchers' activities. It expanded on opportunities for collaborative research between faculty and students that began with the 2016 event. This was accomplished by offering a greater variety of disciplines than the first year through inclusion off sciences, social sciences, and the humanities.

Faculty are helping develop the next generation of researchers by taking on the roles of advisors and mentors. This interaction is key in ensuring a successful experience for students who are motivated to become researchers.

Faculty mentors/advisors are professionals with career experience who are willing to share their knowledge, giving academic and moral encouragement by providing constructive feedback on a student researcher's performance. They keep students abreast of new knowledge and techniques, encourage collaboration in current and future projects, and instill the skills, desire, and work ethic required to pursue and successfully complete work on a research grant.

A panel discussion, Promoting Partnerships Between Faculty and Student Researchers, at the Expo provided a forum for faculty mentors/advisors to discuss the basic structure of research mentorship at Gallaudet University.

Students whose research projects were selected for EXPO 2017 also recognized their faculty advisors/mentors in their presentations.