Video Services Rates

Production ServiceHourlyHalf-DayFull Day
Pre-production planning $75
Studio Rental—without equipment $200 $400 $600
Studio Production (all-inclusive) one camera $250 $500 $800
Studio Production (all-inclusive) multiple cameras $350 $600 $1,000
Field Production (One camera) $300 $600 $900
Field Production (Multi Camera Switch) $400 $800 $1,100
Post Production ServiceHourlyHalf-DayFull Day
Video Editing $100
Voice Over, Audio Mixing $100
Computer Graphics/Animation $100
Script Writing/Transcription $100
DVD Authoring $100
DVD Dubs $10 per dub
Live Streaming ServiceHourlyHalf-DayFull Day
Video Streaming- Live and/or Archived University Events [NOTE: Requires Fiber Transmission Equipment] $300/Event
HD Fiber Transmission Equipment $100/Event
HD Fiber Transmission from VSD Control to Field House or Elstad Auditorium $200/Event

These rates are listed as a reference for internal departments that use video services. The department always make accommodations for chargebacks.