Academic Bowl Hall of Fame

Gianni receives the Most Outstanding Player award.Gianni Manganelli (2014) Gianni was a member of the University High School Academic Bowl team from 2006 to 2009. During his freshman year, he won the Most Outstanding Player award at the West Regional held in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He went on to win a total of three Regional Most Outstanding Player awards, and remains the only Academic Bowl player to accomplish this feat in any region. He carried his 2009 University High School team to a national championship over the heavily-favored defending champions, the Indiana School for the Deaf team. After winning the championship, he was honored as the Most Outstanding Player during the national competition. Gianni was the first inductee of the Academic Bowl Hall of Fame, immediately after his untimely passing.

Robert receives the Hall of Fame award.Robert McConnell (2016) Robert was the first person in Academic Bowl history to go to the national competition for four consecutive years, back in the early years where only one team per region advanced to the National competition. During his freshman year, he took Ohio School for the Deaf to the national competition. In his sophomore and junior years, he won the national championships while at Model Secondary School for the Deaf. In his senior year, still with Model Secondary School for the Deaf, he lost at the national competition after a new rule was established in part because of Rob's dominance. The new rule saw teams take turns answering questions in the 2nd round instead of letting one dominant player answer all of the questions in each match. There were no Most Outstanding Player awards in early years, but if there were, he would have won several of them. Robert was unquestionably the "fastest finger" in the history of the competition.