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Course Overview

This course links theory with debates and issues central to contemporary deaf lived
experiences situated in locations throughout the world. This course draws from
foundational texts in the social sciences and humanities, as well as more recent
theoretical directions and avenues of inquiry in Deaf Studies. Throughout this
course, we will consider major theoretical perspectives as they have been applied in
Deaf Studies. These perspectives will be discussed in terms of their historical
precedents and their applicability to contemporary deaf lived experiences. Our aim
is to understand the ways in which Deaf Studies scholars use specific concepts,
their paths of inquiry and methodology, as well as contemplate future directions for
scholarship in Deaf Studies. We will keep returning to the same question: where
is-or could be-Deaf Studies today and how does-or could it-work as critique?
In short, we will be critiquing Deaf Studies and thinking of it as critique in itself.

Credits: 3
Distribution: Graduate, Masters
Prerequisite: Permission of the Department

Other Courses

Grading system: letter grades only.
Credits: 3
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Admissions Requirements

Hearing Undergraduate