Latinx man in green blouse standing in hallway, signing
On the left, there is an image of a bust of the historical figure Laurent Clerc next to Gallaudet’s clock tower with the American flag, on the right. They are both outlined with the color blue, against a blue sky background.

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ASL Connect offers a variety of Deaf Studies courses for credit. These ASL/English bilingual courses have been designed by leading scholars in the field of Deaf Studies. See below for a description of our Deaf Studies offerings.

In the background is the painting of the blue globe with abbreviations of different sign languages written into where countries’ names are typically displayed with red, yellow, black, and white hands in front, forming a chain, signing “CONNECT” (artist: Nancy Rourke)

Introduction to Deaf Studies

This course introduces students to the foundations of Deaf Studies--the key concepts in the history, language and culture of Deaf individuals. 

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African-American woman wearing a patterned sweater is seen in the middle as she signs “study”. In the background, she can be seen again in sections at the top with a teal background and is signing “ANALYZE,” and “PHILOSOPHY” but her hands are slightly cut off. The bottom half of background is blank and is of the color blue.

Introduction to Cultural Studies

This course investigates how culture shapes the way people see the world. Students will engage with critical theories, including marxism, feminism, postcolonialism and critical race theory as a means of understanding the intersectionalities of deaf lives. 

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A white man, displaying only their torso, in a blue polo shirt signs “Culture”

Deaf Culture

Students explore the notion of culture through multi-disciplinary approaches in order to gain a critical appreciation of Deaf lives within historical, political and global contexts. 

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African-American woman standing outside in denim jacket, wearing rings and a watch signs “OPPRESSION”

Dynamics of Oppression

This course examines various forms of oppression by looking across different cultures and communities, then examines possible parallels occurring within the Deaf community.

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man in a green polo shirt signs “poetry” and the background is divided into two colors, teal and blue.

American Sign Language Literature

The formal title of this course is "Oral Traditions in the Deaf Community." Students will be introduced to ASL literature through life histories, narratives, and poetry. 

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The background is of a DNA strand, alternating colors of blue, dark and light green and yellow and there is a another strand but is larger and transparent. While there are two hands in the “two” handshape, indicating the sign for “GENETICS”

Disability Studies

This course explores the historical, social, political, and cultural influences that construct concept of normalcy, as well as resistances to medicalized notions of disability though art and activism. 

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n black and white, seven historical women figures are seated next to each other and is outlined in buff. The upper right half of the photo behind the women is a transparent blue background

Deaf Women's Studies

Students will explore key concepts in the intersection of Deaf and Women's Studies, including patriarchy, education, reproductive rights, among others. 

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In black and white, three historical African-American people are facing forward and are outlined with buff. In the background, there is a photo of a group shot of African-American children in the background with a blue transparent hue.

Black Deaf People Studies

This course focuses on the history, education, language, and psychosocial forces that influence Black Deaf people's experience. 

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